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German Shepherd Club of Northern Ohio, Inc.
Obedience and Rally Trial

March 5 and 6, 2016

Show Chair: Jeff Glenn
Secretary: Madge Kling
Obedience Chair: Marcie Shanker
Obedience Judge: Robert Janek and Tom Masterson
Rally Judge: Richard DeMarco
Event Committee: Suzanne Jambe
Show Photographer:
Birgit Rhoads
Chief Ring Steward: Pat Brannigan, Jeff Glenn, Suzanne Jambe, Jane Davis, Ed Friedman, Holly Everhart, Caren Vivicch
Grounds: Don Hulton, Jeff Glenn
Food: Sue Richards and Zoriana Peters
Trophy Chairperson: Madge Kling and Leslie Beccia

Congratulations Winners and thanks to all the helper bees.........The trials were very successful and the food was delicious!


hit gs
hit gs




hi comb


OB/Candid Photos by Birgit Rhoads (Woodland Designs)

»Candid Pics of Show here

Trial Photos 3-5 and 3-6

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