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German Shepherd Club of Northern Ohio, Inc.
91th Semi-Annual Specialty Show

August 1, 2008 -Canfield Ohio

Show Chair: Jim Hutton
Secretary: Madge Kling
Obedience and Rally Chair: Marcie Shanker
Obedience-Rally Judge:Evelyn M VanUden
Rally Judge: Jeff Showman
Event Committee: Don Smith (Chair) Don Hutton, Nancy Strain, Jim Hutton, Jon Strain
Show Photographer: Mike Fine

Chief Ring Steward: Sue Wylie
Grounds: Don Hulton, Jim Hutton & Jon Strain
Hospitality: Leslie Beccia & Alice Nierenberg
Trophy Chairperson: Terri Stout

Specialty Judge:Kathy O. Potter

Congratulations Winners and thanks to all the helper bees.........


Judge:     Kathy O. Potter                          4 points Dogs & Bitches

6-9 Puppy Dogs

1st   PETERS’ ELITE NAME YOUR POISE ‘N, 11/18/2007. Breeder, Zoriana Peters,Sue Wylie & Jane Cooper. By Ch. HiCliffFree ‘N Easy – Ch.Laurel’s Poise ‘N Ivy v Jada RN,CD. Owner: Zoriana & Richard Peters.

2nd LINDON’S EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE, 11/25/2007, Breeder,Owner. By Bravos Corey of Nordlicht –Hunting Ridge It’s About Time. Owner: Linda Lindwall & Donna Schuster.

3rd DEPAHL’S FERRARI,01/11/2008. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Marquis Stealing The Show – Ch. DePahl’s Brandy. Owner: Paul & Denise Black-Hollister & Trisha & Dean Wylie.

4th GREY PINES’ ICE WINE, 01/03/2008. Breeder,Owner. By Ch. Pagairs Smokin Gun – Ch. Grey Pines’ Tina. Owner: Bill & Jeri Pfeiffer.

9-12 Puppy Dogs

1st KENLYNS BROCKER V KNAUFHILL, 08/09/2007. Breeder, Kent Boyles. By Ch. Eagle Valley’s Green Knight – Ch. Kenlyns Odyssey V Knauf. Owner:  Paula Cianciolo.

2nd JERRWEN’S HAPPY GILMORE EXPRESS, 08/02/2007. Breeder, Wendy & Gerald Bobak. By Ch. Utopia’s Meet Joe Black HT – Ch. Jerrwen’s Malibu Breeze. Owner: Maureen Cray & Kathleen Hosler.

12-18 Dogs

1st MAJA’S SON OF A WITCH,07/01/2007. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Witmer’s Jamiroquai – Happy Hill’s Marquesas. Owner: Madeline Llewellyn & Jeanne Hamilton.

2nd DESERT ROSE ARIZONA NATIVE,05/07/2007. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Desert Rose Take A Chance On Me OFA – Desert Rose American Liberty. Owner:  Anita Rose.

Novice Dogs

1st REGENCY’S BULLWINKLE V KRIDLER, 09/17/2006. Breeder, Elaine K. Peters & Tari K. Kridler. By HiCliff Bronson Kaleef – Signature’s Tootsieroll V Kridler. Owner: Elaine K. Peters & Paula R. Peters.

2nd WITMER’S SANTIAGO, 12/16/2006. Breeder, Susan Witmer. By Ch. Karizma’s Nicaragua – Witmer’s Dinaara.  Owner: Linda Selmon

American-Bred Dogs……….WINNERS DOG


1st RAMBO VON BLEIBTREU, 10/20/2006. Breeder, Don & Ingrid Smith & S. Polifrone. By Ch. Kenlyn’s Aries V HiCliff – Codas Cherry Blossom. Owner: Manuel Campo, Ignacio Puente & Jorge Noya.

2nd REGENCY’S BB CODY V KRIDLER, 04/27/2007. Breeder, Elaine Peters & Tari Kridler. By Kenlyn’s Aries V HiCliff – Signature’s TootsiRoll V Kridler. Owner;  Elaine Peters.

3rd BLEIBTREU’S OSCO V BROSZHAUS, 10/20/2006. Breeder, Don & Ingrid Smith & Sharon Polifrone. By Ch. Kenlyn’s Aries V HiCliff – Coda’s Cherry Blossom. Owner: Jon R. & Nancy H. Strain.

4th MARI FIORI’S BADA-BING CHABLIS, 08/29/2003. Breeder, Marilee Wilkinson, By Mari-Fiori The Fever – Mari-Fiori Shenanigans. Owner: Dr. Don & Judy James & Marilee Wilkinson.



1st DONKA’S WORTH THE WAIT, 11/21/2006. Breeder,Owner. By Ch. HiCliff Bronson Kaleef – Ch. Donka’s Moriah. Owner:  Kay & Don Miller.

2nd ANAHEIM’S SHOWMAN OF GRANDVIEW, 12/16/2005. Breeder, Kerri Sachau & Mike Sherman. By Ch. Woulda Coulda Shoulda PT – Ch. Hoheneichen Chancellobritny. Owner: Dale Veenman.

3rd TAX MAN OF KODIAK RIDGE, 04/15/2003. Breeder, Charlene Wilson & Karen Lazarr. By Sel.Ch. Cathlin’s Tobruk – Snowy River’s Nikita V Trinity. Owner: Charlene Wilson.

6-9 Puppy Bitches

1st ARAMISTS SICILY OF BODEGATANBARKSJOELLE, 01/23/2008. Breeder,C.Kimerer/T.Bartley/J.Corbin/D.Calabrese. By Ch. Caralonqed JD Drew Bleibtreu – Aramists Blingbling V Joelle. Owern: Donna Calabrese & Elizabeth Ashdown.

2nd DEPAHL’S FERGIE, 01/11/2008. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Marquis Stealing The Show – Ch. DePahl’s Brandy. Owner: Paul & Denise Black-Hollister & Trisha & Dean Wylie.

3rd GREY PINES’ MORGEN BLUE, 01/03/2008. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Pagairs Smokin Gun – Ch. Grey Pines Tina. Owner:  Bill & Jeri Pfeiffer.

4th NICKLAUS’ FLIRTATIOUS OF REDMAR, 01/06/2008. Breeder, Patricia S. Wright. By Ch. Scher-Lo’s Rogue of Karizma – Nicklaus’ Sense of Style.  Owern: John & Mary DeCourey & Patricia S. Wright.

9-12 Puppy Bitches……………BEST PUPPY


1st TANBARKS 2MUCHBLING JOELLE ARAMIST, 08/09/2007. Breeder,  C.Kimerer/T.Bartley/J.Corbin/ D. Calabrese. By Ch. Caralon QED JD Drew Bleibtreu – Aramist BlingBling V Joelle. Owner: C.Kimerer & J. DeRousse/T.Bartley & D. Calabrese.

12-18 Bitches……….WINNERS BITCH


1st KOTA’S BETS ON ME ZYTUT OF TOPLINE, 06/11/2007. Breeder, Sarah Gundlicks/William Burggraaf/ Christy & Clint Heiman. By Ch. Kenlyns Aries V HiCliff – Ch. Kotas Some Enchanted Eve Zylut. Owner: Dave Mizzoni.

2nd MAJA’S WITCH’S BREW, 07/11/2007. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Witmer’s Jamiroquai – Happy Hill’s Marquesas.  Owner: Madeline Llewellyn & Jeanne Hamilton.

3rd REGENCY’S BELL STARR V KRIDLER, 04/27/2007. Breeder, Elaine K. Peters & Tari K. Kridler. By Kenlyns Aries V HiCliff – Signature’s TootsieRoll V Kridler. Owner: Elaine Peters.

Novice Bitches

1st KENLYN’S SAVANNAH, 04/09/2006. Breeder, Bancha Long/S.Moser/K.Boyles. By Ch. WeLove Du Chiens Army of One – Ch. Kenlyn’s Aja V HiCliff-Kaleef. Owner:  Kent Boyles

Bred-By-Exhibitor Bitches

1st DEPAHL’S FINESSE, 01/11/2008.  Breeder,Owner. By Ch. Marquis Stealing The Show – Ch. DePahl’s Brandy. Owner: Paul & Denise Black-Hollister & Trisha & Dean Wylie.

American-Bred Bitches…………….RESERVE WINNERS BITCH

No Picture

1st WILLOWLAKES ARABELLA, 05/27/2006. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Scher-Lo’s Rogue of Karizma – Willowlakes Nirvana. Owner: Sherry Nolan.

2nd JADA’S ISIS LOCKENHAUS LAUREL, 09/25/2006. Breeder, Susanne Wylie, George Weiner & Jane Cooper. By  Ch. Kenlyn’s Aries V HiCliff – Ch. Laurel’s Calico Bear v Jada. Owner: Jane Cooper, Sue Wylie & Pam McElheney.

3rd DEPAHL’S DEVILLE, 08/09/2004. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Kismet’s Ladies Man – Merivern’s Harlot of Eko Lan. Owner: Paul & Denise Black-Hollister.

4th JOELLE’S PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS, 08/23/2006. Breeder, Bonnie & Jeff Money, T.Bartley & J. Corbin. By Ch. Joelle’s Diamond DaVinci – Joelle’s Mistle Two. Owner: Carole Michael & Tiffany Bartley.

Open Bitches

1st  HEINA GOMEZ, 05/24/2006. Breeder, Raul & Miguel Gomez. By Karizma’s Captain Jack – Olympia Gomez. Owner:  Raul & Miguel Gomez & Carlos Arguimbau.

2nd SINCA’S ROSANNA V MADEB, 02/17/2003. Breeder, Gloria & Bill Sinclair. By Pinebuck’s Willey Maket – Sanhedrin’s Wish Upon A Star.  Owner: Janice H. Stevenson.

3rd JOELLE’S NEXT LEVEL V BRIDGE LADY, 09/26/2004. Breeder, Tiffany Bartley,Joann Corbin & Ricarda Bartley. By Ch. Joelle’s Alvin v Norberge CD – Joelle’s Beatrice v Diamond. Owner: Bonnie & Jeff Money & Tiffany Bartley & Joann Corbin.

Veteran Bitches…………….BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX


1ST CH. CRESTHAVEN’s DEJA-VU, 05/27/2001. Breeder, Terri L Stout. By Cresthaven’s Richochet v Lee Ray – Graystone Cheyann V Cresthaven. Owner: Terri  L. & Barbara D. Stout.



CH. MAR HAVEN’S NEXT IN LINE RENO, 11/12/2005. Breeder, Frank & Carolyn Martello. By Acara’s Cold Climate – Ch. Mar Haven’s Annie’s Song.  Owner:  Sharon Gabrielson & Kelly Lane Steder


Novice A

1st. Score 186.5  ARWEN EVENSTAR XVI, 06/11/2001. Breeder, Kimberly A. Jennings. By Bllitz Kreig  Stsus Strupen – Maxin von Hogestyn.  Owner:  Susan Selzer.

Novice B

1st. Score 197.5  GEMSTONE’S RUBY TOOSDAY, 03/23/2006. Breeder,Doris J. Fletcher. By My Classic Echo CD – Kit Karson’s Liberty Belle CD.  Owner: Trudy McCaully.

2nd. Score 188.5  LYONS HONORING DEXTER, 01/20/2005. Breeder,Cheryl Lyons. By Royal Von Tasz Classic  Cameo – Royal Simply The One. Owner:  Melanie & Alexander Fuellgraf.

3rd. Score 185.  WOX VOM HIMMELHOCH RN, 03/23/2006. Breeder, Jan Arbogast. By Herr Rocko Vom Hamsburg – Erlie Vom Kirschental. Owner: Christopher A. & Don LaFond.

Open A     …   2 entries…..NQ

Open B     --  3 entries……1 NQz


1ST. Score  198.5.  GREAT OAK’S JAZ IT UP UD, RAE, 11/10/2004. Breeder, Margaret Arabia. By Adams Scott Von Burroughs – Callie Vom Morningstar.  Owner: Anne Morrison

2nd.  Score 197.  KATHERINE’S SUMMER INTERLUDE CDX, RAE, 11/01/2000. Breede, Pat Schmkidt. By Unknown – Unknown. Owner: Mary Jo Gentile.

Utility A       --   3 entries…….NQ

Utility B

1st. Score 198.  GREAT OAK’S JAZ IT UP UD, RAE.  (same as before)

RALLY ………………..

Novice A

1st . Score 95. LEERAYS JC DEACONS MASTERPIECE, 11/09/2005. Breeder,  Tonya Haney & Jon B. White. By Hickory Hill’s Galveston of Edan – Ch. Gone n Done It of Lee Ray. Owner:  JoAnne Henry & Cathy Kaltenbach.

Novice B

1st. Score 98.  BLACKTHORN’S LIEBE OF GREAT OAK CGC, 01/31/2007. Breeder, Margaret Arabia. By Blackthorn ‘s Becket – Callie Vom  Morningstar.  Owner:  Anne Morrison.

2nd. Score 98.  SPRINGROCK’S L.A. DODGER, 11/30/1998. Breeder, Susan Richards & Laura J. Schwarz. By Springrock’s Twilight Zone – Springrock’s Charlotte’s Web. Owner:  Susan Richards.

3rd. Score  92.  EVENSTAR’S TORI, 08/19/2006. Breeder, Owner. By Dubya Von Selzer – Arwen Evenstar XVI. Owner:  Susan Selzer.

4th. Score 80.  CRESTHAVEN  SAVANAH,05/18/2007. Breeder,Terri l & Barbara D. Stout. By Ch. T-Ho’s Armegeddon – Graystone Chyann v Cresthaven. Owner:  Edith Leonard.

Advanced B

1st. Score 100.  KATHERINE’S SUMMER INTERLUDE CDX, RAE  ( same as before)

Excellent B

1st. Score 100.  KATHERINE’S SUMMER INTERLUDE CDX, RAE  (same as before)

Show Photos by Mike Fine



Part of Chinese Auction for Last Hope Safe Haven GSD Rescue


Chinese Auction for Last Hope Safe Haven GSD Rescue


Lets Eat!


Line Up for Hospitality Dinner


Hospitality Dinner


"Zeus" a Last Hope Rescue dog joining Kent Boyles for dinner!!

Candid PhotosCourtesy of Pat Lukos


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