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German Shepherd Club of Northern Ohio, Inc.
92th Semi-Annual Specialty Show

May 1, 2009 -North Ridgefield Ohio

Show Chair: Jim Hutton
Secretary: Madge Kling
Obedience Chair: Marcie Shanker
Obedience Judge:Tom Masterson
Event Committee: Don Smith (Chair) Don Hutton, Nancy Strain, Jim Hutton, Jon Strain
Show Photographers: Mike Fine
& Birgit Rhoads
Chief Ring Steward: Sue Wylie
Grounds: Don Hulton, Jim Hutton & Jon Strain
Hospitality: Zoriana Peters & Leslie Beccia
Trophy Chairperson: Terri Stout

Specialty Judge: Francis Lee Ford Sr.

Congratulations Winners and thanks to all the helper bees.........



                                 Specialty, May 2, 2009

Judge:  Francis Lee Ford, Sr.

Obedience: Tom B. Masterson


Puppy, 6-9 months Dogs



            10/05/2008. Breeder, J.Fox,M.Campbell & L.Bankhead. By GV CH.

            Campaigner’s-Gatewood Uzi CD HT – Ch. Melana’s Pandemonium

            Owner, Karen Teplitzky.  Agent:  Matt McMillan


Puppy, 9-12 months Dogs


2   15  ADELHUND’S POCKET FULL OF GOLD. DN22344601. 07/02/2008

           Breeder, Owner. By Winsome’s Ray Bearone-V-Eko-Lan – Adelhund’s

           Masquerade-V-Krze. Owner, Donna & Samantha Graham

1   17 JEWEL’S STRIKE A POSE UN262803 (CKC) 07/24/2008. Breeder,

           D. Atkinson & J. Baker. By Scher-Lo’s Rogue of Karizma – Jewel’s

           Koas of Elite Design. Owner, J. Baker.  Agent: Mike Sherman


12-18 month Dogs



1   19  WD PETERS’ ELITE NAME YOUR POISE’N. DN20113401. 11/18/2007

            Breeder, Zoriana Peters, Sue Wylie & Jane Cooper. By Ch. HiCliff

            Free ‘N Easy – Ch. Laurel’s Poise’N Ivy v Jada RN,CD. Owner,

            Zoriana Peters

2  21  KNAUFHILL’S UNDER FIRE. DN21446510. 03/08/2008. Breeder,

           Paula Cianciolo & Leslie Beccia. By Winsome’s Ray Bearone v

           Eko-Lan – Knaufhill’s Loreal Signture. Owner, Leslie Beccia &

           Paula Cianciolo. Agent: Joe Beccia


Novice Dogs


1   23  SANTANA VON BLEIBTREU. DN18323705. 05/18/2007. Breeder,

            Owner. By Ch. Marquis Stealing The Show – Codas Cherry Blossom.

            Owner, Don & Ingrid Smith. Agent: Mike Sherman


Bred By Exhibitor Dogs


1   25  ADELHUND’S U GOTTA HAVE HART.  DN16940801. 01/20/2007

            Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Donka’s Masterpiece – Adelhund’s Masquerade-v-

            Krze  Owner, Donna & Samantha Graham


American Bred Dogs


2   27  BLEIBTREU’S RANSOM OF CODE. DN15983702. 10/20/2006. Breeder,

           Don & Ingrid Smith & Sharon Polifrone.  By Ch. Kenlyn’s Aries V

           HiCliff  - Coda’s Cherry Blossom. Owner, Denise Williams. Agent:

           Layah Busbee


3   29  EJ’S SLICK TRICK  DN14428201 02/11/2008. Breeder, Ed Wessler &

            Jane Wessler. By EJ Donka’s Rhett Butler – Ch. Frohlich’s Caprice.

            Owner, Ed Wessler & Dottie Bowman.


1  33  RWD KRIDLER’S BASIL V SIGNATURE  DN18495004  02/17/2007.

           Breeder, Tari Kridler, Joe & Leslie Beccia. By. Ch. Kenlyn’s Aries

           V Hicliff ROM OFA – Ch. Kridler’s Tanzanite V Signature OFA

          Owner, Tari Kridler & Joe Beccia. Agent: Joe Beccia

4  35  CROSS TIMBER’S SAN FRANCISGOGH. DN05297002. 12/11/2003

           Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Cross Timber’s Van Gogh – Jerrwen’s Wind

          Chill. Owner, N. Nellis & E. Nellis.  Agent: Mike Sherman


Open Dogs


1   39  KENNELWOOD’S STETSON UNTAMED. DN20199602 03/06/2007

            Breeder, Owner. By Marhaven’s And The Beat Goes On – Kennelwood’s

            Victoria Secret. Owner, Alan & Lesley Wood. Agent: Mike Sherman

2  41   JDM’S DURANGO OF TANGLEWOOD.  DN09529401. 12/25/2004

            Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Donka’s Kahlua – JDM’s Pebblebeach of

            Tanglewood. Owner, Dottie Bowman & Christiane Rudolf

4  43   REGENCY’S BULLWINKLE V KRIDLER. DN160008501. 09/17/2006

            Breeder, Elaine K. Peters & Tari K. Kridler. By Hi Cliff Bronson

            Kaleef – Signature’s Tootsiroll V Kridler.  Owner, Elaine K. Peters &

            Paula R. Peters. Agent: Joe Beccia

3  45   HI/LO’S NUMERO UNO.  DN16551501 11/06/2006. Breeder, P. &

            G.Miller. By Ch. Marquinns Bacardi Gold – Hi/Lo’s Honeysuckle Rose.

            Owner, P.& G.Miller & B.Hefner.  Agent: Linda Bankhead


Winners Dog ___19____Reserve___33___Points__4__


Puppy, 9-12 month Bitches


2  10   JDM’S CANOA HILLS OF TANGLEWOOD. DN21973901.06/30/2008

            Breeder, Dottie Bowman & Jeri Dwyer. By JDM;s Durango of

            Tanglewood – Alfaro’s Reba McIntyre. Owner, Dottie Bowma n &

            Christiane Rudolf.

3  12   GRETCHA NYA’S MOULIN ROUGE.  DN21723502. 06/06/2008.

            Breeder, Rebecca Tsaros Dickson. By Cornerstones Redford V Darby

            Dan – Ch. Gretchanya’s Matinicus V JNTR. Owern, Rebecca

            Dickson. Agent:  Joe Beccia


1  14 Best Puppy  RISING SUN’S ECHO.  DN22480301. 06/11/2008. Breeder, Owner.

            By Winsome’s Ray Bearone V Eko-Lan – Tazzman’s Mary Magdaline.

            Owner, Eric Sun.


American Bred Bitches


1  16   WOLF CREEK’S KALLIE OF MERIVERN.  DN 15887004. 08/01/2006.

            Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Kenlyn’s Aries V Hicliff – Demilo of Merivern

            Owner, Pat Walker & MaryAnn Imhoff. Agent: Mike Sherman

2  18   HEI-KOBS BLACK ICE OF KCK. DN 09788302. 01/31/2005. Breeder,

           Margaret Kurz. By Ch. Campaigner’s Honor Guard – Ch. Legends

           Magic Onyx of KCK. Owner, Margaret Kurz & Helen Chamblee.

           Agent:  Linda Bankhead


Open Bitches



1  20 WB/BOW  RISING SUN’S WHISPER. DN18161308. 03/21/2007. Breeder,

            Owner. By HiCliff Free ‘N Easy – Rising Sun’s Curry. Owner,

            Eric Sun

2  22   LINDEN  HILL’S VOODOO CHARM. DN07564003. 04/05/2004

            Breeder, Michael H.Metz & Sheila Williams Metz. By Ch. Ponca

            Hill’s Snake – GV Ch. Linden Hill’s Voodoo Lily. Owner, Amanda J.

            Milligan & Curtis N. Milligan. Agent:  Christi Halliday

3  24   BRUCKER-LULIN SUGAR BABE. DN18528202. 06/23/2007.

            Breeder, I.Puente & L. Colante. By. Ch. Passport’s Austin –

            Ch. Farmil’s Mytie Rose Brucker. Owner, J. Noya & I.Puente &

             J.Fox.  Agent: Linda Bankhead


Winners Bitch___20___Reserve___16___Points__1__


Veteran Bitches


1  26   BOB CH. HEI-KOBS SWEET CREAM TC. DL88617802. 07/10/2001

            Breeder, Margaret Kurz. By, Ch. Campaigner’s Honor-Guard –

            Star K’s Daisy Daisy. Owner, Margaret Kurz, Linda Bankhead &

            Joan Fox


Best Of Breed Class

    47   REGENCY’S BB CODY V KRIDLER. DN18190001. 04/27/2007

           Breeder, Elaine Peters & Tari Kridler. By. Kenlyn’s Aries V HiCliff –

           Signature’s Tootsiroll V Kridler. Owner, Elaine Peters. Agent,

           Joe Beccia



    49   BOS CH. LOU-RO’S MALACHI V CARALAND. DN10348711. 03/03/2005

           Breeder, Jack Newton & Louis Christina. By, Ch. Caraland’s-Survivals

           Magellan – Ch. Lace of Lou-Ro. Owner, S. & R. Boehmer & Louis

           Christina. Agent:  Michael Sherman


Best of Breed___26___Best of Winners___20___


Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed___49___


Best Puppy___14___



Novice B



199  65  ONE ASH VINNIE BARBARINO. SR36924901. 08/22/2006.

                Breeder, Elaine L. Brent. By OTCH One Ash Keep on Trucking

                UDX14 – One Ash Winning Lizard CD. (Golden Ret.) DOG,

                Owner, Judy Askew


176.5 72  BAD MADGE. ILP104898. 01/01/2000. Breeder, Not Given

               By, Not Given – Not Given. (Labrador Ret.) BITCH, Owner,

              Tari & Roger Hess



Score__199_ Score_176.5__


Open B


196  53  SUNFIRE TUCKERBERRY FINN CDX RE. SR35586602. 05/05/2006

               Breeder, Michael a. Book & Barbara F. Biewere. By OTCH Mach

                Sunfire’s Udeniable UDX MH – Sunfire’s Rainier Lux (Golden Ret.)

                DOG, Owner, Janice Kren




                   12/29/2003. Breeders,Gina & Jerry Hans. By Ch. Safari’s Black

                   Night – Ch. Nightwind Stairway To Heaven CD (Poodle) DOG

                   William L. Cox


180  66   DELANCEY’S KLEEN-KUT KODI CDX RE. ILP 105795. 08/13/2004

                Breeder, Unknown. By Unknown – Unknown. (Belgian Sheepdog)

                BITCH, Owner, Linda K. Davis





Utility B


192.5  57  ONE ASH HORNET’S TAIL ALE UD RE (same as before)



                 12/03/1999. Breeder, Vivian Wright & Vicky Rhein. By OTCH

                 Gandalfs Woodstock Rhein – Gandalf Stolen Genes. (Golden

                 Ret.) DOG  Owner, Robin Fargus




Highest Scoring Dog in Trial ____65___(199)__

Highest Combine d Score Open & Utility__NA__


Non-Regular Obedience      Pre-Novice


186  69  ALL THAT MICKEY MAGIC. TR48386005. 02/24/2006. Breeder,

                Renee Jackwood. By All That and a Bag of Chips – Jackwood’s

                Stellar Event (Papillon)  DOG  Owner, Sharon Lycans Porter








Show Photos by Mike Fine OB Photos by Birgit Rhoads (Woodland Designs)


Candid Pics of Show here


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