Annual Picnic 2013



Congratulations to all the puppies and their owners, who helped make our annual picnic and fun match so much fun    AND   welcome to all the guests who also attended, besides members.   Fantastic food as usual and master griller Jeff Glenn, assisted by Jim Hutton did their usual great job at the grill.   Wonderful food !!!

Annual Puppy Match Results


2-4 mo. Male
1st --  Tick Tock owned and shown by Amber Turley
2nd -- Cisco owned by Carol Grossman & Suzanne Jambe and shown by Carol
3rd -- Hugo owned by Kathy & Fred Fox and shown by Jeff Glenn
4th -- Tunda owned by Pat Dickson and shown by Don LaFond

2-4 mo. Female
1st -- GiGi owned by Zoriana Peters and shown by Jeff Glenn
2nd -- NoName owned & shown by Eric Sun
3rd -- Iris owned by Tina Reynolds and shown by breeder, Amber Turley
Best Puppy in Show     "Gi Gi"

Adult  -- Best Adult
1st -- Cher owned by Suzanne Jambe & Joan Fox and shown by Don LaFond

Best German Shepherd Dog in Show    "Gi Gi"       
Additional --

Pembroke Welsh Corgi  --  Best Pembroke Welsh Corgi
2-4 mo. Male
1st -- Dozer owned and shown by Birgit Rhoads
Additional --
Best Dog in Puppy Show    "Gi Gi"   owned by Zoriana Peters and shown by Jeff Glen

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Photographer, Birgit Rhoads - Woodland Designs



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