Annual Picnic 2009






The GSDCNO held it's annual picnic on a lovely sunny day
at the home of Terri, Barbara and Henry Stout in Salem OH
on June 27 2009. It was very well attended and the food was wonderful.
A very informal fun puppy match was held with judge Jon Strain.

Thank you to the Stout family for hosting a great fun day

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Photographer, Birgit Rhoads - Woodland Designs



GSDCNO—placings—6/27/09 club annual picnic fun match---Judge: Jon Strain


2-4 Puppy Dog

1st—owner, Beccia’s  Handler, Joe Johnnie,                   also Best Opp. Jr. Puppy

2nd--    “             “          Handler, Don LaFond – Harry

3rd--     “             “          Handler, Don Smith – Phil


2-4 Puppy Bitches

1st—owner, Beccia’s Handler, Joe – Ruthless

2nd—owner, Zoriana Handler, same – Missy

3rd—owner, Paula C. Handler, same – Zulu


4-6 Puppy Bitches

1st—owner, Tari K. Handler, Joe – Spice,                             also BEST Jr. Puppy

2nd—owner, Tari K.Handler, Tari – Frankie

3rd—owner, Zoriana Handler, same – Lacey

4th—owner,Barbara Stull Handler, same – Nova



6-9 Males

1st—owner, Don & Ingrid Handler, Joe – Trooper               also BEST Sr. Puppy

2nd—owner,Karen T. Handler, Don LaFond – Micah



Adult Males

1st—owner, Jon & Nancy Handler, Joe – Osco,                            also BEST Adult


Adult Females

1st—owner, Tari K. Handler,  Joe – Libby,                                     also Best Opp. Adult




1st—owner, Terri S. Handler, same – Ch. Heidi,                          also BEST Veteran

2nd—owner, Beccia’s & Tari K. Handler, Joe – Ch. Ruby



Best German Shepherd in Match  --  CH. HEIDI – owned & shown by Terri Stout


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