Annual Picnic 2008






The GSDCNO held it's annual picnic on a lovely sunny day
at the home of Leslie and Joe Beccia in Medina OH
on June 14 2008. It was very well attended and the food was wonderful.
A very informal fun puppy match was held with judge Jon Strain.

Thank you Joe and Leslie for once again hosting a great fun day

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Puppy Match Results

2-4 Males 2-4 Bitches
1. Fire owned by Paula Cianciola 1. Pocahontas “Tess” owned by Elaine Peters
2. Takota owned by Elaine Peters 2. Mattie owned by Tari Kridler
3. Pilot owned by Edith Leonard 3. Ursula owned by Paula Cianciola
BEST JR. PUPPY: Pocahontas owned by Elaine

BEST OPP. JR. PUPPY: Fire owned by Paul

6-9 Males 6-9 Bitches
1. Gomer owned by Zoriana Peters 1. Keara owned by Tina Reynolds
2. Rosco shown by Don LaFond 2. Martina owned by Sue Wylie
BEST SR. PUPPY: Gomer owned by Zoriana

BEST SR. OPP. PUPPY: Keara owned by Tina

Adult Male Adult Female
1. Spunky owned by Don Smith 1. Dani owned by Paula Cianciola
2. Rush owned by Sue Selzer
BEST ADULT: Spunky owned by Don

BEST OF OPP. ADULT: DanI owned by Paula


Photographer Birgit Rhoads Woodland Designs


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